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For the third in his series of colour prints, to be rolled out monthly over a year, Fringe magnifies the fabulous message of Pop, while scaling back on text.

The over-handled toy, that has found its way into the most recent works, is a vestige of youth. It’s a symbol of a babyhood well-spent, a signal that the child is about to take its next step.

Like most abandoned toys it lies in the corner, waiting to be recycled or dumped. The artist reflects on this fragment of lost innocence, while asserting that it is the Pop artist himself who must evolve, to carry on with his task. It’s a time for joyful pastimes, and new objects – to hit the accelerator, and play.

This is a real note to self.

110cm x 70cm | 285gsm Fabriano paper / natural edge / embellished

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