Senna-Marie Bosman is exploring her profession and life’s occupation as a visual Artist. She is in the process of completing her studies at The Wits School Of the Arts, where she is able to engage with mediums ranging from painting and drawing, to installation, photography and printmaking. She is in the process of articulating more focused bodies of work, and currently has a range of painting and drawing studies that demonstrate the beginnings of this exploration. She is passionate about the human form as a subject that is able to stimulate conversation and story. She is also interested in the dynamics of art making and how they merge with social intervention and aesthetic, artistic modes of communication. In terms of her practice, observation and imagination form a dynamic tension that informs her ways of working. In 2016, she was part of ‘Occupation’ a collaborative exhibition at The Point of Order in Braamfontein, which served as a starting point for her to amplify her youthful artistic voice.