My Art

I found myself painting white with thick black lines surrounded with solid vibrant colour. Partly thanks to Paul Gauguin, who once told a student “if you see pure ve rmilion, paint pure vermilion”, and mostly thanks to me wanting to get a my message across.

The white represents the pureness of the subject. The secret world within the subject, the secret world within every object and creature, big or small. The secrets we, as humans, only bare to those very close to us. The world that we know so little about. Society has conditioned us to ignore this and focus on the outer shell, the colourful outer shell. We only expose the pureness when we break down our lines and can no longer cope with the situation society has presented us with.

We choose to see the colourful side of subjects. It all stems from evolution and our origination from apes. A place where the colourful and strong creatures get to eat and mate to ensure survival.

Society has conditioned humans to draw such hard thick lines between our outer and inner beings, that we cannot see the white for the colour. Humans even do this with nature and man-made objects. We choose to ignore the animal life and mountains and forests. We choose not to see the pureness of these subjects, we choose to kill and cut down to use in our colourful society. Our conditioned society.

My Past

I have no formal art training. The world of the artist has nothing to do with your upbringing, it has everything to do with hype. Van Gogh was poor, Picasso was poor, we were all poor at some point.

In 1987 I left school and was forced to do two years national service. It was a waste of time to me, except the army taught me respect. In 1989 I got a job as a trainee Technical Illustrator. You know, those guys that draw exploded views of engines and stuff. I spent two years drawing small nuts and bolts as I slowly moved up the ranks to be in charge of 10 people.

Seven years later, in 1995, I left and started an Internet company called Internet Online. The aim, purely marketing, was to give DJ’s free websites in exchange for exposure. I was way ahead of my time. Unfortunately, I was too young and naïve to grasp the business aspect of it all. I sold everything I had and went to America to be discovered. On my return, three months later, I had nothing. My dad sent me R30 a week. I was poor.

I found a restaurant that gave me food in exchange for designing menus. I applied for job after job. Finally with the help of 5FM DJ Mark Gillman, I pulled a job for
R7 000 a month. This soon went to R12 000. From R30 a week to R12 000 a month, I was made, or so I thought I was. Two years passed and I decided to start another Internet company.

In 1997, with the help of Salomien, Mark Gillman and a few back-handers, I founded Shocked. In 1998 we took on two partners and Shocked became one of Cape Town’s leading IT companies in two years, with a head count of 25 and an annual turnover of R3-million. In 2001 I implemented my exit strategy to take up my real passion, art.