Louis Carreon is an Amercian artist – painter and photographer who is a product of southern California pop culture, where he finds his inspiration.

My art has evolved but is on a constant streak, there’s always a lot of street graffiti, colours and letters. It mostly has evolved in terms of time and space, as well as my emotions towards it says Carreon.

uch like his name, Louis Carreon has the soul of someone who carries on and lives every waking moment of his life. His work exudes the heartbeat of truth with the absence of omission. It is both essential to contemporary art and a foundation for emerging styles. A cross between street art and Miro, there is an honesty that bleeds through the drippings of each piece. When I arrived at the Mondrian Hotel entering through the Skybarentrance, Louis was there to say hello. Dressed in a white tee, black pants, black shades and a dark grey knit hat, he was cooly calm with a tinge of nerves … and I immediately became a fan. His work isn’t something you can summarize in a quick sentence. It’s second nature to him and in turn, whatever he’s feeling, whatever he’s passionate about – whatever comes to the surface, well it comes through in his art. This reveal of “FACES” is a look at an unharnessed truth that showcases itself without any barriers. With subtleties like, “I’m Sorry”, “I Won’t Be the One You -“, and “1-800-666-LUST” painted ever so coyly in the paintings on the wall, the things that climb through his thoughts and into his work makes it more than approachable, it makes it rather poignant in a world of art that sometimes drowns itself out by trying too hard to be something it isn’t.