Liz Linder was born in Johannesburg and moved with her family to Kimberley shortly afterwards. Her father was the resident vet at the Oppenheimer stud farm here. Her early life was influenced by a simple farm life and beautiful horses.

When she was 13 her parents were divorced and her life changed dramatically. She moved to Cape Town and the big city. All through her school years she took art as a subject and won numerous prizes.

She started studying art at Michaelis School of art at UCT. However her father wanted her to get a practical education in the medical field and she became a microbiologist. This was not her first love and she has often described the most interesting part of microbiology being the wonderful colours and patterns that one would see through the microscope.

Liz married in 1981 had 4 children and studied psychology and art through Unisa trying to find a deeper understanding of life and the world.

Another huge influence in Liz’s life has been meditation and yoga. She qualified as a Yoga Teacher in the Hatha style at the Yoga Connection in Pretoria. Here she combines philosophy, music and the physical discipline of Yoga.

Liz always returns to her first love art. She is a visual person who is either painting or photographing the natural beauty of the world. She has painted in acrylic and oil but the medium she loves the most is sculpture. She is largely self taught and began by sculpting in concrete and has moved on to working in wax and casting in bronz because this medium is so enduring.

She loves form and medium and sculpture is the best way of expressing the merging of form and medium.

The biggest influencers of Liz are Ai Weiwei the greatest Chinese conceptual artist of our time and Henry Moore best known for his semi-abstract monumental bronz sculptures.


She describes sculpture as, and I quote:

“ Sculpture is a physical form of coming into a moment of stillness.”