By Jade –

I was born a creative, and very blessed to have a father who himself was and still is a full time artist. I drew prolifically until my late teens where I then discovered photography and digital art. I pursued this successfully for the next 20 yrs, working alongside some truly great industry leaders.
About 3yrs ago, I felt a hunger however to start expanding my creativity and took to drawing and painting once again. I didn’t realize the therapeutic value of putting pen or brush to paper which digital can never give you. I was surprised that I had not only picked up in skill where I had left off, but had a radically new dimension added which I feel photography had given me. Very quickly I gained appraisal for the work I was producing, and all kinds of commissions came my way. Ive since done many tattoo designs, was asked to contribute toward the brainstorm calendar representing Telkom, Provided work for a charity auction of which Miss Sexwale purchased my piece, and have a my work appear in a number of galleries in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

I find inspiration everywhere I look, but  a signature of mine has become geometric shapes for which I have a deep affinity.
I am now 40yrs of age and my goal is to be a recognized name in the art world within the next 10yrs.