Tedeschi is one the world’s foremost designers and sculptors of special effects figures. His personal projects include the reimaging of mythical figures, and characters of antiquity. The exhibition at the Daville Baillie Gallery will consist of lifelike, yet imaginary masks and heads.

“Skulls are out-of-place artifacts,” Tedeschi says. “My themes are usually based on life bringing death, and vice versa, embedded with ancient dark arts. Through this I reflect and explore a technological ancient past – or even future.”

The renowned concept designer and 3D artist Furio Tedeschi will hold a rare exhibition of his sculptural works in Johannesburg at the new Daville Baillie Gallery in the Victoria Yards development.
Tedeschi is one of the world’s foremost concept designers and CG artists with a focus on realism and design. His output has ranged from robots to cars, fantasy, as well as Sci-Fi characters and objects.
Some of his clients and projects include the environmental concepts and characters for Transformers 5 (2017), Blur, Mcfarlane Toys, Wareframe, Dungeon Hunter 4, Halo 4, Pacific Rim (2013), Resident Evil: Retribution (2012), Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012), and Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes.