Dan Brett Rosenthal was born in 1982. He lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is an artist and photographer, and occasionally weeks as a cinematographer, illustrator, designer, musician and writer.

Dan has worked as an artist since 2005. His work focuses on examining. Notions of identity, man’s surroundings and the influence these two options have on one another. These areas of investigation are influenced by his background in literature and philosophy. His works include drawings, Lino prints, oil on canvas, digital art & photography; and encompasses series such as lite house BIG HOUSE, VACANT heart and Utopia.

“Identity is a fluid concept. Who we are changes and morphs. The world around us is a potent factor which influences our identity. With technology, disruptive social eruptions and the growth of urban sprawl suffocating us, it is important to understand what is happening to our identity. This is what drives my art and investigation. It’s my belief that our individuality is a beacon that pervades the haze of development and the breathless rush of technological advancement. My work is focused and minimal, with a strong element of humour and personality. I convey complex issues and problems in simpl, often unassuming depictions. I am reductionist in my approach and believe that art should be aesthetic first, and theoretical second!” Dan Rosenthal