Gerhard Buckholz is an Austrian born, self-taught artist living near Kruger Park, whose technique captures anatomical correctness and essential movement, and the personality of his subjects.

The sculpture series CHROMIES by artist Gerhard Buckholz makes a remarkable statement, in art, imploring people to take note of the plight of the Southern White Rhino.

Cast in Polyurethane, then chromed and ceramic sealed, the series re-imagines the endangered creature as a successful denizen of a rainbow-coloured, pop art jungle habitat.

Life-sized calves in various poses, and a gigantic Rhino head, form the basis of the series that is produced in the electric chrome colours of the disco age. The fusion of elements is dazzling and marks a significant, and happy, turning point in the creation of wildlife sculpture, a hugely sought after genre of artistic production on the continent.

The series also reflects on the controversial art of taxidermy, and poses a solution to a problem that has plagued animal lovers for decades.